Village and Desert Temple Right next to Spawn

Village and Desert Temple Right next to Spawn

This PC Minecraft seed located in the desert and has a desert village and a desert temple right next to each other directly behind spawn which makes this a pretty awesome and really unique seed. Directly next to the farm from the village is the desert temple which holds a bunch of treasures that will set you off for the early game along with what is inside the blacksmith’s house. Additionally, a wide river covers the entire desert island and separates it from the woodland mainland.

Desert Temple next to Village
X: 26 Y: 74 Z: 218

The desert temple which contains some decent loot, including an enchanted book (respiration II) and 5 emeralds which can conveniently be used to trade with the villagers for some started items.

Loot From Blacksmith House
X: 26 Y: 77 Z: 173

This is the loot from the blacksmith’s house, it isn’t anything terribly great just 4 iron bars, an iron pickaxe and some bread but when starting a new world getting this within the first seconds is handy.

Tested on Minecraft version: 1.12

Seed: -7955155822622757578

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