Two Villages with Blacksmiths and a Desert Temple with Diamonds

Two Villages with Blacksmith Houses and a Desert Temple with Diamonds

This Minecraft seed for PC spawns you nearby not only a beautiful acacia village that has a blacksmith’s house, but also a desert temple with some incredible loot that has a desert village behind it with another blacksmith house. Looking over all the loot from chests and resources that can be gathered from both of the villages, this is an amazing starter seed for anyone looking for a new adventure.

Acacia Village with Blacksmith House
X: 62 Y: 65 Z: 220

The first thing you will see when you spawn is this beautiful acacia village that has several farms which are great for early food supplies, a pier for fishing and a blacksmith house. The loot inside the blacksmith house isn’t that good just 1 bread, 1 gold ingot and 6 obsidian blocks, but at least that is 6 less obsidian blocks that you will need for a portal later on.

Desert Temple with DIAMONDS
X: -133 Y: 64 Z: 90

Back by spawn heading into the desert you will find this partly submerged desert temple which is nothing too special until you see the loot that it is hiding, the best parts being 3 DIAMONDS, an enchanted book (fortune I), another enchanted book (projectile protection II) and a golden apple.

Desert Village with Blacksmith House
X: -215 Y: 71 Z: 99

Finally just past the desert temple you will find this small desert village with several more farms for early food and a blacksmith house. The blacksmith house contains some nice starter loot including an iron sword, iron pickaxe, iron leggings, 2 apples and 3 bread.

Tested on Minecraft version: 1.12

Seed: 8332234921178467489

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